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Growing up in a restrictive environment, the embellishment of hair and makeup was seen as sexually seductive, considered dishonorable, and only permitted in the confines of marriage. Under these limitations she found the medium as a form of self-expression. Throughout her education she studied and practiced technical fine art while graduating with a B.A. in Anthropology and an A.A in Conceptual Psychology. In her collaborations with other creatives, she exercises the merging of social science and the arts.

Her expertise is knowing when to use her technical skills for a conventional client requiring a classic look or when to get creative for the beauty centric client who wants something effortless and stylish. She is an internationally published artist who can express and fuse the unusual with the uncomfortable to create extraordinary beauty. She is incomparable when discretely preparing influential people with a dynamic application of speed, accuracy, and allure. While hair and makeup might make us more appealing to those we try to attract, her work is centered around making the individual feel empowered, prestigious, and influential.